Resource Centers Year End Ceremonies

    African American Resource & Cultural Center

  • Black Grad

    Every Spring, AARCC celebrates graduating ABC students with a year end ceremony that features live performances, keynote speakers, and highlights each student. To participate in Black Grad, please contact the director for more information. 


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  • American Indian Resource Center

  • Year End Ceremony

    At the end of each academic year, AIRC honors the acomplishments of Native students as well as AIRC and POCSC interns.


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  • Asian American/Pacific Islander Resource Center

  • Year End Ceremony

    AA/PIRC hosts the Year End Ceremony to celebrate the achievements of AA/PI students with a keynote speaker, student speaker and performances and a sashing. For general information, please visit the website or FAQ page.


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  • El Centro: Chicano Latino Resource Center

  • Year End Ceremony

    The Chicano Latino Year End Ceremony is a community celebration with guest speakers, live music, refreshments and a chance for every graduate to speak. Registration for CLYEC usually closes in May so be sure to email to stay updated!

  • Lionel Cantu Queer Center

  • Rainbow Ceremony

    The Lionel Cantu Queer Center hosts this unique ceremony which celebrates the LGBTQIA+ students' accomplishments at UC Santa Cruz, both undergraduate and graduate.

  • Women's Center

  • Year End Celebration

    The Women's Center celebration honors students and interns on their achievements. This event also gives space to student interns and graduates.