Staff Directory

    Aracely Aceves Lozano, M.S.

  • Headshot of Aracely Aceves LozanoTitle: Undocumented Student Services (USS) Academic Counselor
    Pronouns: She/Her/Ella
    Office Location: Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP)

    Greetings Slugs! My name is Aracely Aceves Lozano. I was born in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. I graduated from college as a first-generation undocumented student, earning my B.S. in Psychology with a Minor in Spanish from Cal Poly, SLO. I then spent five years in the non-profit sector supporting health and education organizations before returning to school to complete a M.S. in Higher Education Counseling and Student Affairs. My role as the Undocumented Student Services (USS) Academic Counselor exists under the umbrella of the Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP) office and I am partnering intentionally with the Resource Centers in order to highlight the intersectional experiences of undocumented students at UC Santa Cruz. Please schedule an appointment with me to learn more about the resources available to undocumented students at UC Santa Cruz. In my free time I enjoy going on hikes, gardening, and biking along bluff trails in Santa Cruz. I love to talk about plants and day to day life and I can't wait to meet you!

    Want to chat over zoom? Schedule a meeting HERE

  • delfín w. bautista, MSW, MDiv.

  • Headshot of delfín w. bautista

    Title: Director, Lionel Cantú Queer Resource Center
    Pronouns: they/them and/or elle/elles and/or just delfín
    Office Location: Currently Remote
    Cellular: (831) 291-5790
    delfin is a social worker, writer, activist theologian, and diversity educator. Originally from Miami, FL, delfin is of both Cuban and Salvadoran heritage. delfin has a Master in Divinity from Yale University and a Master of Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania. A queer and trans Latinx diva of faith and spirit, delfin is passionate about intersectional justice and resilience, especially around the experiences of queer people of color. delfin enjoys writing, cooking, spoiling other people’s pets, eating, queerly scheming, watching cartoons, spending time with their beloved and familia, untraditional liturgizing, and new found passion for gardening, 

  • Melissa Chimwaza, B.A.

  • Headshot of Melissa Chimwaza

    Title: Program Coordinator, African American Resource and Cultural Center
    Pronouns: She/Her
    Phone: 614-432-4489
    Office Location: Ethnic Resource Centers (Bay Tree Building)

    Melissa Chimwaza is the Program Coordinator for the African American Resource and Cultural Center. She graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Human Biology & Society where she first was exposed to an Ethnic Resource Center which supported her academic journey and allowed her to thrive. Now, Melissa is dedicated to the planning and execution of programs that will engage, inspire and uplift UCSC’s African/Black/Caribbean students. She is eager to build community and work with students to create the programs that will best serve them. Melissa grounds her work and values in critical race & feminist theories and aspires to support BIPOC students in their own journeys within higher education.

  • Mai Foua Her, B.A.

  • Headshot of Mai Foua Her

    Title: Director, Womxn's Center
    Pronouns: They/Them/She/Her
    Office Location: Womxn's Center at Cardiff House 

    Mai Foua Her is a UC Santa Cruz alum with a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and minor in Education. They continued their education pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Asian American Studies at San Francisco State University, with an emphasis in Interdisciplinary Studies Education. Mai Foua’s research regards Hmong American education through a Critical Refugee Studies lens, and they have presented on the topic, “Beyond Ethnic Boundaries: Decolonizing Asian American Women’s Voices”. In addition to her academic research, Mai Foua advocated for womxn in community spaces. At Larkin Street Youth Services in San Francisco, Mai Foua served in multiple roles from Academic Support Program Manager to Academic Support Associate Director, where she co-facilitated the Womxn of Color Affinity Group and supported a reproductive health program. Mai Foua also served on the Hmong Women’s Summit Planning Committee, to organize a multi-generational gathering that seeks to educate, explore, and empower women around the issues of leadership within the diverse Hmong community. Workshops provided space for shared learning, meaningful dialogue, and opportunities to lead from the authentic Hmong self, resulting in a supportive sisterhood. With their free time, Mai Foua writes and performs poetry as a source of empowerment, self-care, and creative expression to explore internally how the world has shaped their experience as a scholar, advocate, and educator. 

  • Autumn Johnson, M.A.

  • Headshot of Autumn Johnson

    Title: Director, African American Resource and Cultural Center 
    Pronouns: She/Her
    Office Location: Ethnic Resource Centers (Bay Tree Building)

    Autumn Johnson (She/Her/Hers) is a proud alumni of UCSC (B.A. Sociology - Kresge), and the Director of the African American Resource and Cultural Center. As a student, she was active in the SOMeCA space— specifically CAD, SOAR, and e2. Autumn holds her M.A. in Equity and Social Justice in Education from San Francisco State University. She previously brought her passion for community building and social justice principled work to her professional role at San Francisco State. Autumn is dedicated to continually evolving and is passionate about community-based organizing, environmental equity, interrogating carceral systems, and youth development. In her free time, she enjoys camping, reading, and watching Star Trek. 

  • Nancy Kim, M.A.

  • Headshot of Nancy Kim.

    Title: Executive Director
    Pronouns: She/Her
    Phone: 831-459-3790
    Office Location: Womxn's Center at Cardiff House, Rm 113

    Nancy I. Kim (she/her) is a Banana Slug alum with a Bachelor’s degree from UCSC in American Studies. She received her Masters degree in Asian American Studies from UCLA, and has worked in higher education for 25 years. Nancy also served as Director of the Asian American/Pacific Islander Resource Center at UCSC. Prior to returning to UCSC, she was Interim Director at Pomona College Asian American Resource Center, and taught Asian American Studies as adjunct faculty at UCSC, UCLA, CSU Northridge, and Scripps College.

  • Lo Klauer, B.A.

  • Headshot of Lo Klauer

    Title: Program Coordinator, Womxn's Center
    Pronouns: They/Them
    Office Location: Ethnic Resource Centers (Bay Tree Building)

    Lo (they/them) grew up not too far from here in Hollister, CA and hopped around to a few colleges before transferring to UCSC. They are a 2022 UCSC alum with a Bachelor’s degree in Feminist Studies and a minor in Black Studies. During their time as an undergrad, they focused on the facets of identity-building of QTPOC in digital and popular media. Most of their research explores the connections between gender, sexuality, and race in non-binary lesbians. Lo recently interned for The Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County through The Humanities Institute on campus, working on racial equity issues in philanthropic institutions and practicing participatory grantmaking. Post-grad, they aim to continue to foster safe spaces for people of all identities and help facilitate important, difficult conversations between community members. Lo loves to collage, journal, spend time with their cat Olive, and cultivate queer community in their free time. They are very excited to be working with the Womxn’s Center and hope to bring love, joy, and humanity to their work!

  • Xiomara Lopez, M.Ed.

  • Headshot of Xiomara Lopez

    Title: Director, Chicanx Latinx Resource Center
    Pronouns: She/Her/Ella 
    Office Location: Ethnic Resource Centers (Bay Tree Building)

    Xiomara was raised in South Los Angeles and is a proud daughter of immigrants from México and Guatemala. She is a first-generation college graduate and received her B.A. in Legal Studies from UCSC and an M.Ed. in Educational Counseling from USC. She has over five years of experience in student affairs within the UC system and the California Community Colleges. After interning at El Centro during her undergraduate career, Xiomara was inspired to engage in cultural center work. As the Director of El Centro, she is excited to work with students, staff, and faculty to develop culturally-relevant programming and co-curricular activities that support the transition to the university, promote holistic wellness, and foster a sense of belonging, community building, and critical consciousness for Chicanx Latinx students. Xiomara leads with values of social justice, diversity and inclusion, corazón, and service to students. During her free time, she enjoys rewatching episodes of Grey's Anatomy, trying new coffee shops, and visiting local parks and museums with her son. 

  • Angel Riotutar

  • Headshot of Angel Riotutar-Chippewa

    Title: Director, American Indian Resource Center
    Pronouns: She/Her
    Phone: 831-459-2427
    Office Location: Ethnic Resource Centers (Bay Tree Building)

    Angel Riotutar-Chippewa Cree Tribe of the Rocky Boy’s Reservation joins us as the Director of the American Indian Resource Center. She is of mixed descent: American Indian, Filipino, Portuguese and European. 

    A 2nd generation Santa Cruz Native, Angel spent time in West Virginia, Virginia and Louisiana. She has attended the local schools: Cabrillo College, Gavilan College earning her A.A. degree and as a first generation graduate to receive her B.A. in Sociology from UC Santa Cruz. While attending UCSC, she was a student intern for the AIRC.

    Angel brings with her an extensive background, working primarily in and with the American Indian community. She has volunteered for various Native Organizations as a Board Chairperson, Board Member and organizer of traditional ceremonies. She has worked in the surrounding counties of Santa Clara, San Benito, and San Mateo including more recently Southern California in the San Diego area. 

    Angel began volunteering with the Santa Cruz Indian Council with her family, who were the founders of the organization for 15 years and finally held the position of Chairperson. She has volunteered for the Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley, the Costanoan Research Institute and has supported other various American Indian organizations. 

    She focused in Human Services as Program Manager, Case Manager and Site Manager in State and Native TANF programs. As a Program Manager, she was able to implement culturally specific programming for families, individuals and youth. She finds motivation and strength in the ability to advocate and support our community.

    Today, Angel is very honored to come back to UCSC AIRC, and would like to utilize all available resources, community members, faculty, and staff to support and encourage all students. She is very excited for the Native American Opportunity Program and is looking forward to creating more opportunities, programming and ensuring Native visibility on campus.

  • Caz Salamanca, M.A.

  • Headshot of Caz Salamanca.

    Title: Director, Asian American Pacific Islander Resource Center
    Pronouns: He/Him/Siya
    Phone: 831-459-2096
    Office Location: Ethnic Resource Centers (Bay Tree Building)

    Caz Salamanca (He/Him/Siya) is the Director of the Asian American/Pacific Islander Resource Center at the University of California, Santa Cruz. An alum of the UC system (B.S. in Cognitive Science from UC San Diego), and the CSU (M.A. in Education w/ a concentration in Counseling from SDSU), Caz brings 10+ years of experience working in higher ed, with 5 of those years working in a cultural center (MOSAIC Cross Cultural Center at San José State University). He is the current Treasurer for the California Council of Cultural Centers in Hgiher Ed (CaCCCHE), an organization comprised of the staff of identity-based resource centers, and a former co-chair of the Asian/Pacific Islander caucus of the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Hgiher Ed (NCORE). Caz's interests include student identity and leadership development, hip hop education, and exploring the intersections of social justice issues and pop culture.

  • Carolina Soler

  • Carolina Soler's headshot

    Title:  Business Operations Specialist
    Pronouns: She/her/Ella
    Office Location: Ethnic Resource Centers (Bay Tree Building)

    Born in Bogota, Colombia, I am a devoted mother of two with a deep passion for business management and administrative work. With two decades of experience supporting administrative operations, I proudly hold a degree in Business Management Economics from UCSC, where I earned the esteemed title of a banana slug.
    Beyond my professional endeavors, my heart belongs to my two children. You'll often find me immersed in quality time with them, whether it's enjoying beach walks, cheering on my son at water polo practice and games, or simply cherishing moments together. I have a profound love for plants and find solace in activities such as scuba diving, free diving, and regular exercise. Life's balance, for me, is a blend of family joy, nature appreciation, and a dedication to personal well-being.

  • Jailene Tzintzun

  • Headshot of Jailene TzintzunTitle: Program Coordinator, Chicanx Latinx Resource Center
    Pronouns: She/Her/Ella
    Office Location: Ethnic Resource Centers (Bay Tree Building)
    Jailene Tzintzun serves as the Program Coordinator for the Chicanx Latinx Resource Center, better known as El Centro. Jailene was born in New York and raised in Northeast Los Angeles (Highland Park), where she calls home, and she is a proud daughter of immigrants from Mexico. Jailene is a UCSC alumna who majored in Sociology and Critical Race and Ethnic Studies (CRES). As the El Centro Program Coordinator, she will develop and coordinate programs that promote wellness and affirm students' cultural and intersecting identities to support students' academic, social, and personal success. Jailene utilizes a holistic framework to serve students and acknowledges the impact of cultural, social, and political realities that Chicanx and Latinx communities experience in higher education. Jailene's passion for serving students from marginalized communities comes from her own experiences as a first-generation transfer student. Before attending UCSC, she attended Pasadena City College (PCC), where her interest and inspiration to pursue a career in student affairs developed through meeting their mentors, being involved with student organizations, and working at the Transfer Center. During her time at PCC, community played a significant role in her higher education journey. “Individuals in my community led with heart, empathy, patience, observation, and collaborative leadership that involved harnessing people's collective genius because everyone carries wealth within themselves and through their lived experiences.” Jailene will lead with these values to cultivate community at UCSC and encourage students to reach their goals. After transferring to UCSC, Jailene served as a Student Program Coordinator at El Centro, which allowed her to engage in community-building efforts to support Latinx and Chicanx students transitioning to UCSC. “Now it is a privilege and honor to continue being a part of the El Centro team and serve all students at UCSC as El Centro's Program Coordinator.”Jailene is passionate about making higher education accessible, amplifying the voices of individuals who come from marginalized communities, community building, dismantling oppressive paradigms, and serving the community. During her free time, Jailene enjoys hiking, dancing, going to the beach, the lake, or anything that involves bodies of water and nature.