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RC Social Media Policy

The UCSC Resource Centers encourages the use of social media platforms to encourage information sharing aimed to raise awareness of issues affecting our communities, amplify campus and community programs, and publicize leadership and professional development opportunities for UCSC affiliates. Accounts are managed by professional staff and designated students assigned those responsibilities. Individual posts may or may not reflect the opinions of the University of California, UC Santa Cruz, or the Resource Centers.

What is posted, shared, and tagged on Resource Center social media accounts must align with UCSC’s Principles of Community, as well as the mission, vision, and core values of the Resource Centers. The UCSC Resource Centers reserve the right to block or remove content of any post that includes plagiarized content, obscenity, images or content that they have not received the rights to, discriminatory remarks, content that infringes on people’s privacy rights, or violates university policies.

UCSC Principles of Community
Resource Centers Mission, Vision, and Core Values