Contact Information

There are six Resource Centers which comprise of the four Ethnic Resource Centers, the Cantú Queer Center, and the Women's Center.

The four Ethnic Resource Centers (located on the 3rd floor of Bay Tree Building) are made up of the: African American Resource and Cultural Center, American Indian Resource Center, Asian American/Pacific Islander Resource Center, and the Chicanx Latinx Resource Center (El Centro).

The Cantú Queer Center is located at Merrill College, and the Womxn's Center is located at the Granary (Lower Campus).

Mailing Address
(insert Center name and mail stop)
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Cantú Queer Center:
Mail stop: Merrill College
(831) 459-2468

ERC Front Desk:
Mail Stop: Ethnic Resource Centers
(831) 459-2427

Womxn's Center:
Mail stop: TAPS - Carriage House
(831) 459-2072

Office Hours (Summer)

ERC Office

M-Thu 10am-7pm

F 10am-5pm

Cantú Office

T, W, Th 10am-4pm

WC Office

T, W, Th 10am-4pm

Email Hours M-F 8am-5pm
Saturday and Sunday CLOSED