Resource Centers Assistants

  • Cristal González

    Cristal Gonzalez
    Year: 5th
    Pronoun: She/Her
    Major: Environmental Studies / Sociology 
    Affiliations: Student Alliance of North American Indians - Chair, Sustainability Office - Take Back the Tap Provost Sustainability Intern, Oakes College, Campus Sustainability Council Member, People of Color Sustainability Collective  
    I am a first generation student, indigenous oaxaqueña identified latina. I am passionate about promoting greater empowerment for communities of color. Working at the ERCs has allowed me to become a part of a supportive network and community focused on the success and retention of students of color.
  • Imelda Mercado

    Year: 2nd
    Pronoun: She/Her
    Major: Politics & Film and Digital Media
    Affiliations: Oakes Senate, Oakes College, Committee on Ethnic Programming, Committee on Affirmative Action and Diversity
    I am a first generation student from Los Angeles who is extremely passionate about aiding the progress of historically oppressed groups. My high school days were spent learning as much as I could about my culture in between community actions and rushing through essays about long-dead white men. I think the resource centers are extremely important spaces for students that come from and identify with underrepresented groups and I am honored to be able to work with them.
  • Krishnee Shankar

    RCs Assistant Krishnee Shankar
    Year: 3rd
    Gender Pronoun: She/Her
    Major: History
    Affiliations: Stevenson
    I am a Fijian Indian individual from Sacramento, CA. I want to one day help change the world, by becoming a civil rights attorney. 
  • Wendy Siguenza

    wendy intern.jpg​Year: 3rd
    Pronouns: She/Her
    Major: History and Sociology
    Campus Affiliations: Sister of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc.
    I'm a first generation college student born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I'm a proud Latina who's passionate about empowering the people of color. Before entering college I advocated for more health care resources on my high school campus and community. Through the process of campaigning and promoting the importance of access to health care for my community,  it exposed many realities in this society. I saw that my community was not being supported by people in power. Therefore, I hope to one day become a politician as there is a lack of representation of women of color. That is why I enjoy working for the ERCs because I have become a resourceful person for my community and hope that with my knowledge of campus policies, I can help my people of color make a change on their campus or community. My favorite motto is, "Culture is Pride, Pride is Success," because it reminds me to never give up.
  • Leila Torres Alvarez

    leila intern.jpgYear: 2nd 
    Pronouns: She/Her
    Major: Legal Studies and Latin American and Latino Studies 
    Campus Affiliation: College Ten 
    I'm a proud and strong independent wombyn of Cem-Anahuac from San Diego, California. I'm very passionate about promoting empowerment to the people of color especially mujeres of color and working with the ERC allows me to encourage and advocate for higher education. Being a part of a supportive community allows me to grow, develop skills and network with beautiful and loving people.