Resource Centers Assistants

  • Andrés Sandoval

    Andres Sandoval

    Year: 5th (Transfer Student)
    Major: Feminist Studies & Politics, History of Consciousness Minor
    Affiliations: Center for Archaeology and Sustainable Food Systems, Critical Race & Ethnic Studies Student Working Group, EOP, Oakes College, Smith Renaissance Society, S.T.A.R.S.
    I am a first generation college student born and raised in San Diego, California, by a family from Guanajuato and Teotihuacán, México. Before transferring from community college to the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC), I organized with communities around issues of popular education, environmental, housing, refugee and immigrant justice. I specifically worked with organizations against anti-queer and trans legislation, gender-based violence, environmental racism, as well as police and border patrol brutality. Here at UCSC, I’ve been involved with student and union organizing for three years, with hopes of getting more involved with the Amah Mutsun “Relearning Garden.” Feel welcome to approach me with any questions and/or concerns you may have as a student or community member.
  • Anny Ho

    Anny Ho RC Assistant Year: 4th
    Major: Mollecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
    Affiliations: Education Opportunity Programs, Crown College
    I am a first generation college student born in Saigon, Vietnam and raised in San Francisco, California. The resource centers have helped me find a sense of belonging and purpose at the University and by becoming part of the student staff, I hope to help students feel the same. 
  • Carlos Gutiérrez

    RCs Assistant Carlos Gutierrez
    Year: 4th
    Gender Pronoun: He/Him
    Major: Critical Race & Ethnic Studies
    Affiliations: EOP, College 8
    I am a first gen, Mexican born, queer identified individual. I like to work for positive change in the communities which I've embraced and am hoping that I can continue to grow and develop my skill set at the ERCs.
  • Cristal González

    Cristal Gonzalez
    Year: 4th
    Gender Pronoun: She/Her
    Major: Environmental Studies / Sociology 
    Affiliations: Student Alliance of North American Indians - Chair, Sustainability Office - Take Back the Tap Provost Sustainability Intern, Oakes College, Campus Sustainability Council Member, People of Color Sustainability Collective  
    I am a first generation student, indigenous oaxaqueña identified latina. I am passionate about promoting greater empowerment for communities of color. Working at the ERCs has allowed me to become a part of a supportive network and community focused on the success and retention of students of color.
  • Katiuska Pimentel Vargas

    Year: 4th
    Gender Pronoun: She/Her
    Major: Legal Studies/Politics;
    Affiliations: EOP, Oakes, EOP Undocumented services, SANAI (Student Alliance of North American Indians) and Disability Resource Center
    I am a disabled, undocumented Peruvian identified Latina. I like to work at the ERC because I am passionate about retaining students of color in higher education, and believe that education is a tool to create positive change in our communities. After graduation, I plan on becoming an attorney that supports marginalized communities of color achieve justice.
  • Keyarea Jones

    RCs Assistant Keyarea Jones
    Year: 4th
    Gender Pronoun: She/Her
    Major: Human Biology
    Affiliations: Stevenson College, External Outreach Chair for A/BSA
    I am a first generation college student from Stockton, CA. Since coming to Santa Cruz, the Resource Centers have provided a safe space for people of color to come together to get support and build better communities on campus. After graduation, I plan to go to medical school to become a gynecologist.   
  • Krishnee Shankar

    RCs Assistant Krishnee Shankar
    Year: 2nd
    Gender Pronoun: She/Her
    Major: History
    Affiliations: Stevenson
    I am a Fijian Indian individual from Sacramento, CA. I want to one day help change the world, by becoming a civil rights attorney.