Resource Centers Message to Our Communities About Hate Graffiti at UCSC

Over the weekend, hateful words and images were spray-painted in the Crown Merrill colleges. We recognize that the impact of this incident compounds the exhaustion felt in our communities to be resilient, again, still. This repugnant act of anti-Black and antisemitic graffiti intends to send a message that diverse communities don’t belong at UCSC. They are wrong. We belong. The timing aims to disrupt students' sense of safety and focus before finals. Don’t let it. This act of white supremacy operates to isolate individuals and groups. Won’t happen. Our Resource Centers will continue to come together to hold space for processing, healing, and simply being.

We invite you to connect with Resource Center staff either in person or virtually during open hours.

We also welcome you to share space and be in community, as you prepare for finals: We are hosting study jams this week and next.

  • Cantú Queer Center: TWTh March 8-10, 10am-4pm, snacks and lunch provided
  • Womxn’s Center: TWTh March 8-10, 9am-5pm, breakfast, lunch, and snacks provided
  • Ethnic Resource Centers: MTW March 14-16, 10am-6pm, dinner provided at 4pm


Additional resources for support:
Counseling and Psychological Services: 
Employee Assistance Program: 
Santa Cruz Hillel: 
Report Hate: 

Resource Centers Executive Director: Nancy I. Kim
Financial and Resource Specialist / Office Manager: Cameron de León
Ethnic Resource Centers
FB: @ucsc.erc
IG: @ucsc.erc

African American Resource and Cultural Center 
Director: Autumn Johnson 
ABC Retention Specialist: Shannel Joseph 
Program Coordinator: Melissa Chimwaza 
IG: @ucsc_aarcc

American Indian Resource Center
Interim Director: Nancy I. Kim 
Program Coordinator: Jemzi Ortiz 
IG: @aircucsc

Asian American/Pacific Islander Resource Center
Director: Caz Salamanca 
SWANA Retention Specialist: Gina Waneis 
Program Coordinator: Benedicto Llave 
FB: @aapirc
IG: @aapirc_ucsc

El Centro: Chicanx Latinx Resource Center
Director: Xiomara Lopez 
Program Coordinator: Carlos Gutierrez 
IG: El Centro: @elcentro_ucsc 

Lionel Cantú Queer Resource Center
Interim Director: Nancy I. Kim
Trans Education Specialist: Ky Borunda 
Program Coordinator: Gaby Preciado 
IG: @cantuqueercenter
FB: @cantuqueercenter

Womxn’s Center
Interim Director: Stephanie Milton 
Program Coordinator: Abbygale González 
IG: @ucsc.womxn
FB: @UCSCwomen