Joint Statement on Forcible Separation of Families and Detention of Children


The Resource Centers at UC Santa Cruz call for immediate reunification of families and their children impacted by the “zero tolerance” policy at the US-Mexico border. The current administration’s inhumane practice of taking children from their families is an act of terrorism and we call on others to speak out. Forced family separations are not far removed from the historical practices of the US government, and they were unjust practices then as they remain now. Family separations contribute to intergenerational trauma that continues to affect many of our communities. Today, these practices continue to impact the most vulnerable among us, and many are hurting. Our children are hurting. The damage done to children and their families will unequivocally haunt them for their entire life and will have a long lasting imprint that cannot be undone.

The UCSC Resource Centers reiterate that we move in solidarity with, and will continue to advocate for immigrant families, Indigenous communities, Muslims, refugees and undocumented citizens, queer and trans folk, people with disabilities, people of color, women and all people at the various intersections of these identities.  We recognize that students and campus community members may feel that our initial fears of hateful rhetoric during the elections have and continue to become a disturbing reality in policy and practice. We refuse to accept that these conditions are the new normal. We support community responses, and are heartened by the voice and power of everyday people organizing.

Resiliency has been an underlying force that has assured our existence. We are strong. We are resilient. We are here for you. We are moving forward together.

The Resource Centers will continue to hold space for folks to process, to breathe, and to come together as a community. We will support students in overcoming any barriers they encounter as a result of these and future unjust and oppressive actions. We encourage students to take advantage of support services, and invite students to contact staff members by phone or email if they don’t feel comfortable coming into the office.



African American Resource and Cultural Center

American Indian Resource Center

Asian American/Pacific Islander Resource Center

El Centro: Chicanx Latinx Resource Center

Lionel Cantú Queer Center

Women’s Center