Ethnic Resource Centers Events

    African American Resource and Cultural Center

  • Black Cultural Conference

    African American Resource and Cultural Center Stafff

    The Black Cultural Conference (BCC) is a call to action for the UCSC and Santa Cruz community to illicit courage, create dialogue, share our narratives, and be solution-based. We want to collectively engage and provide structure for issues in higher education, family, culture, health and so much more which affects the African/Black/Caribbean community. Through this conference, we want to help generate the questions and answers to build a stronger community to forge a united coalition. The four key pillars of The Black Cultural Conference are:

    Unity: For African Americans, Africans, Caribbean, and allies to join together in harmony. To help form an agreement, that will lead us together into healing the disparities within our community.

    Justice: To fight for equality amongst the African Diaspora, both within and outside of our community. To generate questions and solutions to the issues of injustices such as disparities within the education system, health, and economic disparities. Uniting in fighting for justice is important now and for our future generation.

    Change: To realize that in order to unite and heal our community we must change, things cannot stay the same. Uniting with one another, including allies, will help us fight and change the injustices in our community.

    Understanding: You must love oneself first to love others. To learn how to love yourself so that you may love others through their differences. Understanding oneself and others creates the power to change society.

  • American Indian Resource Center

  • Sophia García-Robles Memorial Drum Feast

    American Indian Resource Center 2015 Drum Feast

    The event celebrates the songs, dances, and arts of Indigenos people in a “pan-tribal” atmosphere of fellowship, trust, respect, and empowerment.  The American Indian Resource Center hosted the first Drum Feast in honor of Sophia García-Robles on May 24th, 2012 at Oakes Lawn. The Drum Feast brought together students, staff, faculty, and community members, including the Amah Mutsun Band of Ohlone, the original inhabitants of Santa Cruz.

    The event paid special tribute to the late SophiaGarcía-Robles, an American Indian/Chicana financial aid officer on campus, whose many contributions to the campus and community were significant. Sophia’s dedication to the students and community of UCSC and Santa Cruz is legendary; she was an instrumental part of the Santa Cruz Indian Council that assisted UCSC students in putting on the old UCSC pow wow. In 2013, the American Indian Resource Center sponsored with 2nd Sophia García-Robles Memorial Drum Feast at the Oakes Field on April 27th.  This year, with the funding assistance from SFAC, the AIRC hosted a very successful Drum Feast. Community partners such as Barrios Unidos, the Lakota Peoples Project, and the Amah Mutsun, the Drum Feast was very well attended and fun!

  • Asian American/Pacific Islander Resource Center

  • Cultural Celebration Night

    Cultural Celebration Night 2015 Flier

    May is nationally recognized as Asian American/Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and has been celebrated annually at UC Santa Cruz since 1993. The month of May was chosen because it marks the anniversaries of the first arrival of Japanese Immigrants and also the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad by Chinese laborers. This month celebrates and commemorates the history and contributions of AA/PIs as well as address issues currently affecting the AA/PI community.

    Cultural Celebration Night includes performances from various AA/PI student organizations and individuals on campus, as well as dinner with a diversity of AA/PI foods. This event offers an opportunity for students, staff, faculty, and community members to come together, network, learn about AA/PI culture, and celebrate Heritage Month! This event is FREE and open to the entire UCSC community.

  • El Centro: Chicano Latino Resource Center

  • César Chávez Convocation

    Cesar Chavez Convocation 2015 Student Volunteer

    Sponsored by El Centro: Chicano Latino Resource Center, College Ten Programs, the goal of this event is to honor the memory and struggle of César Chávez, Civil Rights activist who fought for the social justice and labor issues of farm workers. His tireless work, including the development of the United Farm Workers Union, continues to affirm his lifelong battle to insure that farm workers were union represented. His courage and commitment to justice and social change has inspired many generations of ctivists across the nation and continues to do so.