Resistance Discussion Series

The Ethnic Resource Centers presents the Resistance Series! These will be student-led discussions for people of color on different topics about social injustice such as the politics of food, privilege and intergenerational trauma. The series was created to collectively engage and provide conversation spaces for issues in higher education, family, culture, health and so much more which affects the UCSC and Santa Cruz community. Through this, we hope to illicit courage, create dialogue, share our narratives, and generate the questions and answers to build a stronger community. All are welcome to participate. 

Brought about through the collaboration of RC staff and students during Fall 2016. The first two discussion series were implemented Spring 2017 and we hope to host one quarterly. Topics change accordingly and feedback is always welcome. If you attended a discussion previously but were unable to fill out our Feedback Forms, feel free to submit one online here. We thank you for your participation and hope to see you attend the next one!

    Resistance Discussion on Self-Care

  • This discussion focuses on the relationship between self-care and community-care. The exploration of how individuals support communities in time of distress and share tips for uplifting one another. 


    Self-Care #1
    The flyer for the first Self-Care discussion!


  • Resistance Discussion on Food Politics

  • This discussion focuses on the relationship between food, students of color and their communities. The exploration of how food is a form of resistance and ways it supports communities. 


    food politics 2.jpg
    The flyer for the first Food Politics discussion!